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Swamy Sannathi Bazaar, Tenkasi 627 811
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Mr. Vallinayagam in his Store

Welcome in Tamil

For more than 80 years, our family has supplied fresh vegetables and fruits to hundreds of thousands of people in the historic town of Tenkasi, in Tirunelveli district, Tamilnadu, India.

We welcome you to visit with us at the store when you visit the famous Courtallam Falls, beautiful hills and temples, mosques, and churches in and around Tenkasi. Enjoy our fresh vegetables and fruits!

If you are a long time resident in Tenkasi area, you already know us, and so it gives us a great pleasure to welcome you again and thank you for your continued patronage!

This website is accessible also by using our another independent registration This is a bilingual website, available both in English and Tamil.

Click on the links to check out places of interest in around Tenkasi, on how to raise vegetable in your home, on recipes to make delicious vegetable dishes, soup, vegetable biriyani, and many more delicacies!

Not merely vegetables, but also fruits and fruit preparations, and pickles, etc.

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